Saturday, April 24, 2010

3 Weeks to Go

Three weeks from today, W, my parents, and I will have just taken off from the Atlanta Airport on a fourteen and half hour flight to Japan. I do not think I have accepted this idea. I should be making lists, making some reservations, and getting myself prepared but in some way, I am scared. No, I am terrified of being in a completely different country, experiencing a totally different culture for five whole weeks. Of course this an experience of a lifetime. We will not be staying in Japan but will be continuing on to Taiwan to meet up with J who has been on sabbatical for the past twelves. And while I am terrified, I am also so excited that W, J, and I will be reunited and I cannot wait to see how W reacts when he first sees his dada.

Over the next eight weeks, I plan to chronicle our preparation, packing, travel, and experiences for family, friends, and whoever happens to stop by. I might work through my fears here about being away from home and possibly making an ass of myself in a very foreign culture. It is better to get it out beforehand than it is while being smack in the middle, right? I might work through my lists here too in case anyone has suggestions, from their experience, about what I will and won't need while traveling. Just to warn you, I suffer from over packing disease. I don't think it is too contagious but it can cause your spouse to not be thrilled about lugging around Gigantor the Bag because really, do you expect me to carry my own heavy bag? Of course not!

So three weeks to prepare, three weeks until I see J, and three weeks until 24 hours of airplane travel. I hope you all enjoy the ride!