Sunday, May 30, 2010

Swimming in Kenting

The firt part of our vacation included relaxation at a resort in the southern part of Taiwan. The south is a tropical zone so this means the weather can be and was sunny, warm, and a bit humid. Our resort sat across the street from a beach on the Taiwan Strait. This body of water separates Taiwan from mainland China. The water was clear, blue, and very warm. Although I am a bit chicken about swimming in the ocean, I felt comfortable here because the water was relatively calm and shallow.

My parents, J, W, and I spent part of our first morning on the beach under an umbrella we rented. The resort had a tunnel under the road for guests to access the beach and a foot bath for returning. J, W, and I went in the water for quite awhile. W thought it was hysterical when one of us dove under and popped up right in front of him.

It appeared that you could go snorkling to see the corral but we decided to spend time relaxing either in our room or by the pool. W thought eating sand would be a great idea and after a few handfuls, we decided the pool would be the better option for him. Fortunately, the pool had several options for young children including an ankle deep area, a slightly deeper area and a regular pool. We probably spent several hours either in or by the pool. J gave me exactly what I wanted and I lounged for a few hours each day in a lounge chair with a good book. Sadly, the pool did not have a bar but I did just fine relaxing quietly by myself.

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