Monday, May 10, 2010

Nerves Are Stirring Up

What does a logical person do six days before she takes a five week vacation half way across the world with a 15 month old? Well she rearranges furniture, that is what she does! Because she, I mean I am smart that way. Bags to pack? Nah, they can wait. Laundry to fold? But it looks so pretty in the basket all mixed up and colorful. Procrastination and I have a serious and long relationship. If memory serves me well, I remember staying up late my freshman year in high school to illustrate an Odysseus children's book I wrote for a class project.. Oh yes I did. So why not pack for two people on a few day, no, hours before we leave. You know that will work out swimmingly!

Actually, I have done a fair amount of packing but I have received helpful suggestions about mixing up our clothes, diapers (W's, not mine), and other items. Tomorrow I will rearrange our bags, pack some more, pull aside the quieter toys for W on the plane, send out some paperwork, and drink a big ass glass of wine.

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