Monday, May 17, 2010

We Arrived!

After a seriously long day of travel, Nana and Grandpa, W, and I arrived in Taiwan. Holy heck it was a long trip. W did amazing considering his ears gave him some serious pain halfway through our flight to Japan. The poor boy screamed for close to an hour but some seriously amazing Asian grandmothers came to the rescue to give suggestion, support, and even some hugs. Seriously, people here are friendly, helpful, and amazing.

In usual Andrea fashion, I have about a bazillion little bruises on my arms from lifting W's giant car seat/stroller combination. I am always graceful that way. We arrived an hour early in Taiwan and after going through customs and getting our bags, J met us with the hugest smile I have ever seen on a human being. After a brief moment of pause, W smiled and was thrilled beyond thrilled to see Dada again. If I had been the suave blogger, I would have captured a photo of this reunion but I was too busy being tired and happy. So you will have to do with a description.

So far I love Taiwan. The city is not as overwhelming as I thought it would be. There is a mix of dingy midcentury buildings and beautiful traditional architecture with bright colors on the roofs. The tree's roots and trunks twist and turn and palm trees remind me that yes, I am finally in a warm climate. A very warm and steamy climate as the sweat on my back reminds me.

Our hotel offers a complimentary breakfast and believe it or not, it is at KFC. Before you roll your eyes that we stooped to eat at a fast food restaurant, the meal itself is more Asian tradition. We had a sesame pastry with egg, cheese, and some bean paste. Of course I pounded a couple coffees and W ate two hash browns. I have to admit I am a little worried about finding food for W but I think that I am just unfamiliar with my options. In fact, I should not worry at all as he shared a purple rice wrap with eggs, onions, and more bean paste. And yes, he loved it.

For my "animal watch" (I have to befriend animals in new countries, it's how I roll), I met two cats in a bookstore near our hotel. Both looked like my mom's cat but one looked more like a short haired Persian. I am embarrassed to admit I shrieked a little when a stray dog came running out of some bushes and headed down a busy city street. I promise not to be so shrieky again.

Tomorrow we travel south by high speed train and then take a bus to Kenting where I promise you, I will be lounging, drinking, swimming, and lounging some more.

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  1. This is soooo exciting!! I miss you already but I can't wait to see some photos of your adventures. It sounds so cool already!